9" Flat Hurdles (Set of 6)

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  • Elevate your training regimen with the PRECISION 9" Flat Hurdles Set, a collection of 6 high-quality hurdles designed for agility and speed training. These hurdles are an essential tool for athletes looking to enhance their footwork, coordination, and overall athletic performance.

    Key Features:

    • Taller Height: Each hurdle stands at 9 inches, ideal for a variety of agility drills in different sports.

    • Lightweight and Flexible: Easy to set up and transport, these hurdles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor training sessions.

    • Resilient Design: Crafted to withstand pressure and revert back to shape, ensuring long-term use and reliability.

    • Durable: Made with durable materials to resist breakage and wear, suitable for rigorous training routines.

    • Compact Size: Each hurdle has a width of 48cm, making them convenient for various training setups.

    • Vibrant Color: Comes in a striking red color, offering high visibility for safer and more effective training.

    Product Description:

    The PRECISION 9" Flat Hurdles are expertly designed to meet the training needs of athletes across all sports disciplines. These hurdles are not only lightweight and flexible but also exceptionally durable, capable of returning to their original shape even after being put under significant pressure. The set of six allows for versatile drill configurations and can be easily transported to different training locations. Their bright red color enhances visibility, making them a safe choice for high-speed agility drills. Whether you're a coach, a personal trainer, or an athlete, these hurdles are an invaluable addition to your training equipment, ensuring improved agility, speed, and coordination.