Flat Hurdles (Set of 6)

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Take your pre-season training to the next level with the Precision Pro Flat Hurdles, a set of 6, expertly designed for agility and speed workouts. These hurdles are an essential tool for athletes across all sports, providing a versatile, challenging, and effective way to enhance your fitness regimen.



Key Features:

  • Optimal Flat Design

  • Durable Material

  • Easy to Store and Transport: Lightweight and stackable, they are ideal for coaches and athletes on the go.

  • Versatile Training Tool: Perfect for a wide range of drills to improve agility, footwork, speed, and coordination.

  • Visible in Any Setting: Brightly colored for maximum visibility during indoor or outdoor training.

  • Set of Six: Provides enough equipment for varied setups and drills.

  • 48cm width

The Precision Pro Flat Hurdles set is your go-to training aid for developing speed, agility, and quickness. Whether you're a GAA player working on footwork, a basketball athlete improving agility, or a track runner enhancing speed, these hurdles will elevate your performance. Their flat design ensures safety, reducing the risk of injury during high-intensity drills. The durable construction guarantees long-lasting use, making them suitable for schools, sports clubs, and personal training. Easy to set up, transport, and store, these hurdles are ideal for any training environment. Get the Precision Pro Flat Hurdles and experience a noticeable improvement in your agility and speed.

Ideal for: Sports coaches, personal trainers, school sports programs, athletes of all levels.